2012 | California Roll House | Architect: Violent Volumes


Clothing With Touchscreen Capabilities


Clothing With Touchscreen Capabilities


実世界の物に対してタッチ操作可能な次世代UI #DigInfo - YouTube

The Dragonfly for New York City (Vincent Callebaut, 2011)

The 600 m high vertical farm building was planned to New York City’s Roosevelt Island. It could contain 28 different farms fro vegetables  meat, fruit and others. The building would be self-sufficient because of the solar panels and wind power.

The Emotional see thru Dress

The dress contains “e-foils,” (opaque coils mad of “electronics, LEDs, copper and other media) & response to your heartbeat, making the dress more of less transparent.

Designed by Daan Rossegaarde

Europa City, suburbs of Paris

The 0.3 sq mile (0.8 sq km) green-roofed city is the dream of the Danish architecture firm BIG led by Bjarke Ingels. Europa City will include restaurants, shopping facilities, housing and office spaces, but there will be a pool a real ski slope, too.